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41 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. I just finished Bound and it was such a touching story…. I literally started reading it a few hours ago, clearly I didn’t put it down for too long at all! Can’t wait to try other books of yours!

  2. I tried to get the free book to work but it would not fill in so if u could give me the free book anyway I would say thank u oh I really enjoyed yer book an look foreordained to reading more thanks. Kelley.
    If it ok with u I would like take me back

  3. Just finished reading Bound. Loved your characters. I will be reading more of your books and stories.

  4. I just finished Bound. It was such a moving story. I like happy endings. Not much for bondage but it was ok. I am married tio a great lady but also in love with a great guy. We saw each other for five years once a month, but no mor. I’m 77 and he’s fifty two. We still Skype but i keep teling him needs t o move on. Again thanks for a great story!

    • Thanks, Don! I’m glad you liked it.
      You sound like you have been lucky in love. I hope that you have enjoyed much happiness and will find more still ❤
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  5. I just now finished Bound and the story was so sweet and had me tearing up I can’t wait to get even more of your stories

  6. Just finished Bound. Wow, what a great story. Loved how Nate fought for what he wanted. I also love HEA stories. Great, great read!

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