Books: AC Bishop

These are the stories I’ve written as AC Bishop:

Work in progress: Currently I’m working on ‘book 3’ in the Moon-Brier series: Tristan’s story. Will release soon! Sign up for my AC Bishop newsletter to find out when it’s out. 🙂

My Moon-Brier series is such a sentimental one to me! These are the first stories I published, about three years ago. They were good stories but when I looked back on them I realized they were not as polished as they could have been. So I un-published them and revised them, and I’m working on re-releasing them now!

Book 1 is a m/m/f story, with mild Fem-dom and some servant/master (sex slave) type interactions. But as usual for me the whole thing is pretty vanilla and sweet, and it ends happily.

Moon-Brier book 1: Guilty Pleasures is available at Amazon • All Romance Barnes & Noble kobo

casual man acting as a fortune teller

Book 2 is a m/m story, with a few m/f scenes. This story is all about Prince Antonio, who finds himself attracted to a man for the first time in his life, and has to come to terms with his bisexuality. It’s a very romantic story, with a lot of emphasis on the main couple’s happy ending.

Moon-Brier book 2: Honest Desires is available at:  AmazonAll RomanceBarnes & Noblekobo • apple

Caught at the Office, is a very short m/f erotic story. It’s about a girl who has an office crush that boils over. It’s fun and sexy (I hope) and only .99!

Caught at the Office is available at Amazon

My Wynn’s Charm Shop series is probably my favorite erotica that I’ve written. it’s paranormal and contemporary, and each one is somewhat stand-alone, although there are characters (Wynn and Acer) who span all three books.

Book one is about a vampire who longs for a polyamorous relationship, and her efforts to convince her boyfriend to try group sex. It’s fun and sexy, with some f/f, m/m, m/f, and m/m/f/f scenes.

Book two is about a couple of witches who want to add a third to their marriage, and the sexy fae they both have a crush on. It’s a playful romance with m/f, m/m, and m/m/f scenes.

Book three is Wynn and Acer’s story, and though it does contain some m/f scenes it is mostly a m/m story, and ends the series.

The Wynn’s Charm Shop series is available at Amazon • Barnes & Noble koboAll Romance

Bed Mates is a story set in an alternate-history of an unspecified time and place, where kilt-wearing slaves toil their lives away for an unknown kingdom. This story has mild Fem-dom elements and a m/m/f relationship, but it is really a m/m erotic-romance, at its heart.

Bed Mates is available at Amazon • Barnes & NoblekoboAll Romance

4 thoughts on “Books: AC Bishop

  1. Hello Amelia!
    What happened to Secret Cravings Moon-Briar part 3? Did you unpublish it? I can’t find it anywhere.
    Kind regards,

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